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Wine Night Party Pack

Wine Night Party Pack

“If You’re New To SPILL IT this is the route you should take!”


SPILL IT’s Wine Night Party Pack is the ultimate game night bundle - combining all the conversations from our original Wine Night Deck + all the wild cards of our Wine Night Expansion Pack + and of course shot glasses. 


Wine Night brings some heavy-hitter conversation starters, bound to shake up the room for a great debate over life experience, double standards, culture, and more. While, the expansion pack turns up heat as it’s filled with a LETHAL mix of action-based cards, spicier content, and thought-provoking questions. 


  • GET TO KNOW YOUR FRIENDS LIKE NEVER BEFORE: This party pack features more outrageous activities and conversation starters that allow you an inside look into how your friends think and the dares they’re willing to do. 


  • GAMEPLAY THAT KEEPS YOU ON YOUR TOES. The people asked for more wild cards, more drinking, and spicier questions - players are likely to do a double take when reading these cards.


  • TRAVEL READY:  Take SPILL IT Cards anywhere you go. Suitable for the pre-game, kickbacks, meetings with strangers at the bar, Sunday funday adventures, and any other gathering in between. 


  • ELEVATE YOUR CONVERSATIONS:  Each question and activity has been carefully crafted to lead into a night of unforgettable stories and memories.


  • WHAT’S INCLUDED? 80 thought-provoking conversation starter and engaging activities, and 3 shot glasses, 1 to-go bag, 1 carrying box


  • Best played with a group of 3-8 people



  1. Add a Level 4 to Wine Night Edition: this pack is the perfect sauce to offer a break from the more conversation-heavy wine night edition. 
  2. Play “Expansion Pack” as a Stand Alone: also a great game night starter for wild night for grownups to act like big kids vibes! 


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beginning of May 2024
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