Family D.U.I. (Discussion Under the Influence) Edition

Family D.U.I. (Discussion Under the Influence) Edition


This edition is for all the cool cousins, boujie aunties, "I still got it" uncles, and seasoned grandparents, to spark authentic unfiltered discussion at the grownfolks' table!

  • These conversation starters are meant to bring generations together, laugh and share family stories, find out new things about your loved ones, and overall promote good ole' fashion family time.  

  • Highly recommended to be played over wine or a beverage of your choice to fast track your unfiltered discussion. We know this is family, but we want you to keep it just as real as you would during a wine night. 

  • Best played with a group of 3-8 people.

  • Deck Content: 52 discussion cards, 1 message from the owners,  2 ‘instruction’ cards, 1 wine scale rating, 1 promotional card. 


*Warning* Content is made for a mature audience due to the encouragement of liquor consumption participants drinking must be 21 and over. Gameplay is WELCOME for players 18+, but of course with mocktails and sparkling beverages.