The Team is Growing


For the upcoming year, the SPILL IT Team has set a goal to shake and stir the room with thought-provoking, rabbit-hole conversations amongst more friends and families in new cities, stores, and IG lives. We've witness firsthand how after a night with SPILL IT a room full of complete strangers can evolve into new-found friends.

As a conversation-starter business, we believe the best way for us to grow is through building trust and brand awareness through intimate exposure to our game editions. To help us expand our reach we are launching this Ambassador Program to find individuals to help us spill it about SPILL IT & spice up game nights everywhere.  

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our brand ambassadors are people who...

Ideal candidates are enthusiastic and native consumers of social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook.


  • They love a good game night and enjoy bringing people together. 

  • These are the people who get the room going by asking challenging and follow-up questions

This individual is also accountable and creative. 

  • They don't mind showing up for virtual check-ins and team meetings.

  • They also have some experience working with social media marketing and understand how to effectively create content that promotes awareness & engagement.

Whether you identify yourself as an impromptu conversation starter OR you'd rather organize game nights in the house, we want people who are just as excited about our brand as we are! 

If this program sparks your interest and think you'd be a  dope SPILL IT Ambassador, please follow the steps below:


1. Learn more about the program to include reviewing our Roles and Responsibilities  

2. Click the Link and completely fill out the Application! 

details & Deadlines

Applications will open Monday January 17th, 2022

Please fill out the application at spillitcardgame.com/apply

Applications will close on January 31, 2022 at 5:00 PM EST

Interviews are subject to be scheduled one to three weeks after application submission.

Upon submission, a team member will reach out with any necessary further details.

Any delays to the deadlines noted above will be shared will applicants.


For any questions or concerns, please contact christian@spillitcardgame.com